Brand Story

The Fiona Franchimon № 1 HAIRPIN is created in the Netherlands after two years of intensive product development by the Dutch and International recognized hairstylist FIONA FRANCHIMON


This style full № 1 HAIRPIN will upgrade your every hair look and will make you feel like you have the most exceptional hairdo you ever experienced!

The Unique design of the № 1 HAIRPIN and special material from which it is made gives it the optimal grip to each type of hair to create beautiful looks and volume which will stay in place all day.

Due to the flexibility, durability, and design of the № 1 HAIRPIN a style full look is created easily and for every activity: The Signature look for your workday, High Ponytail for Sports and Chignon look for a business or luxury dinner party.  In 5 easy steps, you can create countless style full hair creations. 

 № 1 HAIRPIN the must-have hair tool
"the essence to your style."