Fiona Franchimon Haircare

Everything in this haircare line is created by Fiona Franchimon and developed and produced in the Netherlands. This way we ensure a low footprint and the highest achievable quality. We use natural tech formulations and use vegan ingredients that are not tested on animals. Every product is created to tailor to the wishes of our clients.

"Less ingredients, higher quality."

  • Moisture & Balance

    This cream-rich shampoo and conditioner have been specially formulated with a cleansing formula to balance moisture and significantly restructure the hair through an exclusive selection of minerals and antioxidants.

    The premium extract Broccoli seed oil is the key ingredient that protects (heat), detoxifies and strengthens the hair, and provides a protective layer with a significant increase in hydration. The result is astonishingly shiny, voluminous, and rejuvenated hair. 

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  • Color & Shine

    This nourishing shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair has been specially formulated with new technology to ensure optimal shine. It contains a Green Tea color-protection complex, proven to keep your hue rich and vibrant.

    This formulation is extremely charged with positive ions, balancing the negative ions and balancing the hair neutrally. It preserves the natural oils, color and moisture of the hair and ensures that the hair cuticles close and become smooth.

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  • Volume & Hydrate

    This clear, gel-based shampoo and conditioner have a new technology that thickens the hair through a film layer to generate voluminous, naturally shiny hair. You will experience your most prestigious, healthy, and voluminously weightless hair. Completely sulfate-free, the premium ingredient is Aquaflex™ XL-30.

    They give a huge moisture "boost" that immediately visibly improves your hair condition. The conditioner can also be used as a hair mask.

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Fiona Franchimon Haircare

Unique Haircare

With 25 years of knowledge Fiona Franchimon created her own innovative haircare line with new formulations, honest ingredients and high-end performance for both hair and skin. High-quality haircare with natural ingredients that give shine and a bouncy volume. Feel elegant and confident.

  • 100% Natural ingredients
  • High end Performance
  • Elegant Sustainable Packing
  • Honest ingredients
  • Mild Formulations
  • Protects skin and hair

Bois D’or Scent

The much-celebrated signature scent for our haircare line was inspired by Fiona's experience of traveling through the Côte d'Azur and unwinding after a day full of impressions and inspirations. Bois D'or is created by one of the best dutch fragrance houses, providing us with the perfect foundation for our haircare line. With its forest berry, white butterfly jasmine, muguet, patchouly, transparant wood, musk, crisp amber.

Bois D’or embodies the glamour and heat of the legendary destination.