2022 Hair trends straight from the Catwalk | London Fashion Week

2022 Hair trends straight from the Catwalk | London Fashion Week

After years of sitting at home with dull hair the 2022 hair trend is all about volume and blended color hair. 

ZEIST – Fiona Franchimon & Alieke van Koelen were part of the international Fashion Week team this week during Fashion Week in London.

London Fashion Week is all about extreme cuts and very short lengths this year.
The mimi shirt is back with lots of sequins and feathers. These are fabrics that accentuate the shape of the body with colors such as mint and old pink.


Hairstylists are used to it by now, but the designers want to work more and more extreme. Where a while ago it had to be very natural, like the "natural beauty" you now see that times have changed again. This always starts with Fashion Week. Expensive locations with great catering and innovative materials and tools that are very expensive. And that includes progressive hair looks.

2022 Hair trends straight from the Catwalk

Volume with a healthy and natural shine is becoming the trend for both men and women. With the feeling of color blending which can be achieved with both hair coloring and hair pieces. With new 3D color techniques you create triple lights that give more depth in your hair. The taboo of hair pieces is also completely gone. A voluminous and shiny look, who doesn't want this? As long as it stays stylish. Of course we finish this treatment with our Color and Shine Haircare. Click here for the benefits that make your hair color shine for the longest time. In our salon we ensure that our customers get a completely customized look. In addition, in our academy we also educate other stylists with whom we share our knowledge of all the latest techniques straight from the catwalk.

February 24 and 25 we will be in Milan to create even more trends with our team during Milan Fashion Week. Follow us on @fionafranchimon_official to experience all the backstage moments.
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