Haircare for autumn and winter

Haircare for autumn and winter

The time of cold, wind and moisture in the air is here. Autumn is showing its beautiful colors and winter is on its way. Time to take some extra good care of your hair! The cold, the wind and the moisture in the air can really damage your hair. Give your locks some extra care after a beautiful autumn or winter walk with the Moisture & Balance shampoo and conditioner from Fiona Franchimon Haircare. Why? Because it has a magical ingredient: Broccoli seed oil.

Broccoli seed oil

The key ingredient is broccoli seed oil that protects your scalp and your hair against external influences. In addition, the oil creates a volume boost through of a layer on your hair. The layer also creates shine, without making the hair greasy. The broccoli seed oil is absorbed easily into the hair and forms a protective barrier; keeping moisture in longer. It's also full of vitamin C which holds great nourishing powers. 

Static hair

This time of the year the weather conditions can make your hair more static than normal. We feel your pain! That's why we designed our Nº 1 Hair Comb. It is made of metal and prevents static hair. Create your look without any obstacles. It comes in a beautiful golden color so it's an asset to your beauty essentials. Shop the Nº 1 Hair Comb here.
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