Do you want to get personalized results with our Fiona Franchimon Haircare? This is how you combine them

Do you want to get personalized results with our Fiona Franchimon Haircare? This is how you combine them

Fiona’s goal was to create new haircare formula’s that are unique and natural based. After a long journey of finding the right products she created three new formula’s for her Fiona Franchimon Haircare line. They are free of parabens, gluten, silicone, SLS & SLES, 100% vegan and cruelty free. The formula’s are each unique in their own way and you are able to mix up the formula’s for the best personalized results. Are you wondering how to mix up these formulas? We explain it to you in this blog. 

The Moisture & Balance is the best moisturizer with the healthy key ingredient Broccoli Seed Oil, the Color & Shine is perfect for colored hair and if you love to have some extra shine as it has Green Tea extract as key ingredient and the Volume & Hydrate is the first clear-based conditioner without aggravating oils which brings back your natural volume. 

Endless shine & moisture 

Does your hair feel like it needs a good moisturizer but you also want to add some extra shine? Done deal after only one wash! You can use the Moisture & Balance Shampoo, which is filled with Broccoli Seed Oil that protects (from heat), detoxifies and strengthens the hair. To add some extra shine you can combine the Shampoo with the Color & Shine Conditioner, which smoothes, seals and locks the hair cuticles while preserving the hair's natural oils, moisture and color. The Green Tea extract is the main ingredient with antioxidant properties that prevents sun damage and benefits every hair type and hair color. The result is stunningly shiny, voluminous and rejuvenated hair after using this combination.

Shiny but voluminous hair

Do you want your colored hair being protected but also want your hair to be more voluminous? This can be fixed! You can combine the Color & Shine Shampoo, which prevents sun damage and benefits every hair type and color because of the Green Tea extract. To add some volume to your coupe you can use the Volume & Hydrate Conditioner; which has the premium ingredient Aquaflex™ XL-30, which has unique film properties that provide more volume in the hair with a long-lasting effect. The result: shiny ánd voluminous hair! 

Moisture & volume

If you want your natural volume back but do you also feel like your hair needs an extra moisture-boost? Don’t worry: no big deal! You can use the Moisture & Balance Shampoo for a good moisturizer as it adds protective layer that significantly increases the hydration of the hair and the premium extract broccoli seed oil detoxifies and strengthens the hair. For having the best moisture and volume results, you can combine the Shampoo with the Volume & Hydrate Conditioner, which is the first clear gel-based volume conditioner which is a new technology that thickens the hair through a new film layer. The premium ingredient is Aquaflex™ XL-30, which contains as result voluminous, natural and shiny hair.

Hopefully after reading this blog you know now better how you can mix up our Fiona Franchimon Haircare products for the best personalized results. Combining the formula’s can give you the perfect coupe after washing. For the best results we recommend you to start adding our Scalp Massage Brush to your haircare-routine as it thé solution for shiny and healthy hair. It helps to lather up and purify the scalp when eliminating dandruff and residue. Massaging the scalp is also relaxing and leaves the scalp more supple, what leads to an improvement of the scalp oxygenation. And when the scalp oxygenation is improved, it also improves your hair growth! You can order them via this link or if you want to read more about the Scalp Massaging Brush click here to read our blog.

Enjoy your personalized results after combining our haircare products! If you’re interested in more information about our haircare, we wrote another blog with the full explanation. Click here to read the blog. 

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