Hair Fashion is back after corona and more intense than ever

Hair Fashion is back after corona and more intense than ever

FASHION WEEK - Recently during New York & Milan Fashion Week, the first extreme looks were already visible. All themes of the seventies, eighties, nineties and zeros were combined. From flowers and hair paint to rhinestones. Fiona herself participated in the enormous production of Dries van Noten last week. Here too, clothes and hair complemented each other effortlessly. A lust for the eye. Before corona, 90% of the looks backstage were clean and basic, but now the sky is the limit. Fiona highlights the striking change of creativity and individualism after corona; “Everyone wants to be seen again with elegant and strikingly fashionable hair”.

ZEIST - Fiona sees the same big change in our own salon in Zeist. Where in the past women saw a hairdresser visit as a necessity, they now see it as a moment of pampering. In addition, the need for elegant and striking hair has increased remarkably. Our signature cut & color techniques are so popular that since we reopened our customer base has grown by 30%.

PARIS - This week, Fiona works backstage for BALMAIN during Paris Fashion Week. They organize a 2-day festival 'BALMAIN V02' in the middle of the Seine. On Instagram, Fiona takes you backstage and you can of course follow this via @fionafranchimon_official.



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