Fiona Franchimon volume shampoo and conditioner haircare

How to prevent dull and lifeless hair in fall

"In the fall, my hair becomes dull and lifeless.”

Dull and lifeless hair in the fall, we often hear about this problem from our customers. Why does this happen? There are two major evil-doers for your hair and scalp. In autumn, the outside temperature drops and the humidity increases. In addition, the wind sometimes picks up and your great, just styled coupe will not be happy at all.

 Fiona Franchimon volume shampoo and conditioner haircare

What can you do about that?

We have developed a Volume & Hydrate line within Fiona Franchimon Haircare especially for fine and/or lifeless hair (can also be thick and heavy hair). This line ensures that a natural layer is placed around the hair that protects both your scalp and your hair. This gives you more resilience and a full head of hair. This layer makes it more difficult for the outside effects to penetrate to the core of your hair, safely protecting the hair from wind, moisture and cold temperatures.

Fiona Franchimon volume shampoo and conditioner haircare 

Our autumn tips

  • When you go outside, keep your long locks in your coat or scarf so that it doesn't get mixed up and tangled by the wind.
  • Rinse your hair with lukewarm to cold water so that the hair closes nicely. This ensures less hair breakage.
  • Always finish your wash with a conditioner for less static and frizzy hair. Our Volume & Hydrate is a gel conditioner without aggravating oils, so you no longer have to worry about lifeless hair.
  • Do not go out with wet hair. Wet hair is more brittle and the strong wind can affect the quality. Dry hair is less vulnerable.

 Fiona Franchimon volume shampoo and conditioner haircare

Fiona Franchimon Volume & Hydrate shampoo and conditioner

The latest formulation and the first shampoo and conditioner line on a gel basis without aggravating oil but still moisturizing & nourishing. This line is deeply cleansing and builds volume. It has a great curl retention even at high humidity.

Fiona Franchimon Haircare is completely produced in the Netherlands. The Volume & Hydrate line consists of 98% natural ingredients. The lines are free of Gluten, Parabens, Sulfate and Microplastics. Vegan and cruelty-free!


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