New York Fashion Week Brand Interview Fiona Franchimon

New York Fashion Week Brand Interview Fiona Franchimon

"Please introduce yourself and your brand."

I’m Fiona Franchimon, a globally known hairstylist that travels the world for fashion shows like Balmain, Armani, Vivienne Westwood in Paris, London, Milan and New York. After all the traveling and my experience from having my own hairstyle salon, I started my own brand “Fiona Franchimon” and designed the Nº 1 Hairpin and the first products of Fiona Franchimon Haircare. With our brand and products we like to give everybody the opportunity to have an elegant and comfortable hairstyle all day long.

"We would love to know more! When did you start your brand and what inspired you?"
Every person I have in my chair wants to have a hairstyle that matches their identity. So I created a hair tool that also looks very elegant and has a high wearing comfort. Most importantly, in less than 30 seconds you can switch between hair creations without any marks and keep your hair in style and voluminous. You will feel so powerful and comfortable at the same time. We want to be in everyone’s purse as the beauty tool you always have with you, to use at any time you like. In the gym for your topknot, during work for your French twist, at home in the signature volume style. 

The new upcoming Haute Couture 18K Jewelry Collection for your Red Carpet events, parties or custome made with initials for your own wedding. 

"Were you always working in fashion? And if not what made you switch careers?"

I was born near The Hague in The Netherlands. As a child I loved beauty & design and my family urged me to follow my passion and so at 13 I began my life journey in hairdressing. I’m the 4rd generation in the fashion business.

I traveled all over the world to understand every kind of hair to be able to create the most revolutionary hair cutting methods. Working in different countries I learned many new skills. Since opening my salon in Zeist, my goal was to change the client’s experience in the hair salon to a more luxury haute-couture journey. Offering every client a unique and bespoke experience, making sure my team and myself keep up with today’s highest standards. I passionately translate my need for innovation into my work, with every customer, with education and in every product I develop.

"Can you tell us more about an upcoming collection? What materials are used and what was the inspiration?"

This Haute Couture Jewelry collection feels like my dream world of creating hair on the highest level. All the materials are top level 18K Gold and the highest quality Diamonds and Gemstones. 

“Fiona will combine the collection with also creating the hairstyle for this NY Fashion Week Show with her international team.

With the Haute Couture collection she also offers the Red Carpet Hair Room Service Around the World. She offers her legendary hairstyles and updos and the haute couture collection of 18K gold jewelry collection to women all over the world.

"Is it your first time showing during Fashion Week?"

It is not my first time. I have had the pleasure to work backstage for already more than 10 years for fashion designers like BALMAIN, Armani, JACQUEMUS Off White and Pucci. So to create my own Haute Couture Hair Collection feels like a dream coming true.  

"If you would describe your brand in one sentence, what would that be?"

Fiona Franchimon “Love for hair is all about attention.” 

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