Color & Shine

This nourishing shampoo & conditioner is for color-treated hair. It has been specially formulated with new technology to ensure optimal shine. It contains Green Tea color protection complex, which has been proven to keep your hue rich and vibrant. It's also color and keratin treatment safe.

The new developed formulation is charged with positive ions, balancing out the negative ions and balances your hair. It smooths out and closes opened cuticles, and retains the hair’s natural oils, moisture and color. The Green Tea is the key ingredient with antioxidant properties, which prevents sun damage and delivers some particularly amazing benefits for those with natural, dyed, grey or light-coloured hair, such as blondes and redheads.

Free of Parabens - Gluten - Silicone - SLS & SLES, Microplastics - Animal Testing and is 100 % Vegan Color and Keratin safe.