Do you experience dull hair? This is how you get your shiny hair back

Do you experience dull hair? This is how you get your shiny hair back

When you color your hair or when your hair feels dry, your hair could loses its shine. We all love some shine on our hair and with the right tips from Hairstylist professional Fiona Franchimon your shiny hair will be back in no-time. 

Hair gets dehydrated sometimes, especially during summer or when you dye your hair. There a several tips to get your shiny hair back in a short time if you use the right products and treat your hair well. 

Firstly, we advise you to use our Fiona Franchimon Color & Shine Haircare. The Color & Shine Haircare formula is charged with positive ions, which is  balancing the negative ions and balancing the hair neutrally. It preserves the natural oils, color and moisture of the hair and ensures that the hair cuticles close and become smooth. The main ingredient is Green Tea extract which has antioxidant properties that prevent sun damage and provides many benefits for natural or colored hair. When you start using these products, you will see a change of shine in your hair after only washing once. Your shine will definitely be back in no time and you will see a big difference after only one wash already. Press here for more information about the Color & Shine Haircare.

Secondly, start using our Scalp Massage Brush is thé key for healthy and shiny hair. Massaging the scalp helps to lather up and purify the scalp when eliminating dandruff and residue. It is also relaxing and leaves the scalp more supple, what leads to an improvement of the scalp oxygenation. And when the scalp oxygenation is improved, it also improves the hair growth! When your hair and scalp gets healthier: your hair will bring back its shine as well! Press here to buy our loving Scalp Massage Brush.

Thirdly, using the right comb for your hair is such a game changer when you want to bring back the shine on your hair. Comb your hair with a wide tooth comb instead of a brush, which makes your hair more shiny. Fiona’s tip is to use the Golden Comb: the comb is not statically charged, so your hair gets less tangles and an extra shine. If you have hair that tangles a lot, brush your hair well with your regular hair comb so that it’s detangled, the next time your brushing your hair during the day you can use the Golden Comb. Press here to buy.

Fourthly, if your hair still feels dry at the ends, which you can check by feeling if your ends are dry, it’s a good idea to leave a little bit of conditioner on the ends of your hair. Leave it in overnight and rinse off the next day. Your hair will feel soft and shiny again! 

After these tips from Fiona you definitely will get back your shiny hair. Don’t forget to treat your hair a little extra during summer because of the bright sun, wonder how? Read this blog to read more about the best summer haircare-tips. 

Enjoy your endless shine on your hair! 

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