Morning or Evening hair routine, what's best?

Morning or Evening hair routine, what's best?

Does it even matter? Well yes, and let me tell you why!

Hair is most vulnerable when it's wet. Therefore if you go to sleep with wet hair or your hair is not completely dry, the chance of hair breakage is much greater. I can hear you think; yes but I shower two hours before going to sleep, or I blow dry my hair before going to bed. Whether your hair is air-dried for two hours or dried with a blow dryer, it still contains a lot of moisture and so the chance of damage is still a lot higher. That is why we recommend that you always wash your hair in the morning and not in the evening.

Do you also have the feeling that you need to wash your hair more often when you shower in the evening? Read further to know how that happens.

Another very important thing to think about, is your scalp.

If you go to sleep with wet hair, the wet hair will become muggy and the chance of an irritated scalp is much greater. This irritation can cause itching and sometimes even inflammation. In this case our Moisture & Balance shampoo and conditioner can help you bring the scalp back into balance. This is mainly due to the formula containing broccoli seed oil. Broccoli seed oil is an amazing ingredient and has anti-inflammatory properties. But in the end, of course, prevention is better than cure. That is why we recommend that you always wash your hair in the morning and not in the evening.

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 Hair routine

Now if you to change your routine after reading this information.

Than Fiona has the perfect & quick 3 step morning hair routine for you!

  1. Wash your hair with shampoo. The shampoo opens the hair and the conditioner closes the hair. So always end with conditioner. As a result, the hair retains less moisture and is also protected at the same time.
  2. Dry it with a hair dryer. Create a shape with the warm setting of the hair dryer and secure the shape with the cold setting of the hair dryer.
  3. If you are short on time, you can secure your hair with a Nº 1 Hairpin. You can always restyle it when you have more time. The Nº 1 Hairpin ensures that you retain your volume and that you do not get any kinks in your hair.

Ready, set, go!

Some extra facts to keep in mind:

  • If you've washed and blow-dried your hair and it feels dry, it still has 25% moisture in it.
  • When washing in the evening it is more difficult to apply a different shape in your hair the next morning. The hair has already been set. Just a heads up!
  • If you wash your hair in the evening, it will get greasy faster than in the morning. This is because the hair cannot dry properly and becomes muggy.

Tip: Preferably sleep with dry hair and if you have long hair, put it in a bun on top of your head to prevent fraction. Also speaking of fraction, sleeping on a satin pillowcase helps preserve the moisture in the hair and also the skin. Silk and Cotton are highly absorbent, which can rob the hair and skin of their natural oils.

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