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Fiona Franchimon Haircare

H O W   W E   S T A N D   O U T

  • 100% Natural ingredients
  • High end Performance
  • Signature Fragrance - Bois D’Or “The elegant sense of the France Rivera”
  • Elegant Sustainable Packing
  • Vegetables and are honest ingredients
  • Mild Formulation
  • Protects skin and Hair
  • Power and shine
  • Body and Restore
  • Layering system, nourishing, restoring your hair every time you use our products making your hair healthy and giving it volume and shine.

Creation, production and fragrance are al completed and produced in The Netherlands.

K E Y   B E N E F I T S
of our Shampoos & Conditioners

  • Giving Shine because of the natural layer.
  • Balance moisture and significantly restructure the hair.
  • Gently cleanses the hair and scalp.
  • Color safe.
  • Providing strength and heat protection.
  • Reducing frizz.
  • Healthy & Rejuvenated hair.
  • Nourishes and detangles ageing hair while improving elasticity.
  • Energizes and balances the scalp while promoting circulation.

Moisture & Balance

Color & Shine

Volume & Hydrate