Take care of your hair during summer: this is how you protect your hair from sun damaging 

Take care of your hair during summer: this is how you protect your hair from sun damaging 

Summer has officially started and the sun is shining brightly. These warm days are the most favorite days for many of us, but unfortunately we forget to take good care of our hair during this season. As much as we love the sun, as much as the sun unfortunately damages our hair. With the right tips from hairstylist professional Fiona Franchimon  your hair will get through summer happily and healthy. 

We all know that the sun damages our skin and that we need protection for that. Unfortunately most people forget about taking care of their hair and scalp too. For this matter we have written a blog to give you all tips and tricks to make sure your hair won’t get damaged by the sun ever again.

Treat your hair well

First things first: make sure that the haircare you are using is having a UV-protection layer in it; but sadly most haircare doesn’t contain sun protection. The three different Fiona Franchimon Haircare lines are all contained with a UV-protection for your hair. 

The Moisture & Balance haircare contains Broccoli Seed Oil which is a natural protection for heat- and sun damage. The Volume & Hydrate Conditioner is a clear gel-based conditioner that thickens the hair through a film layer, which provides a protection against heat and humidity. The Color & Shine haircare is based on Green Tea Extract, which contains antioxidant properties that are preventing sun damage. Press here to shop Fiona Franchimon Haircare. 

After a sunny day

A day at the beach, pool or simply anywhere the sun shines can damage our hair; that’s why it’s important to take good care of your hair afterwards. Wash your hair twice with shampoo - recommended the Fiona Franchimon Haircare - rinse off and apply conditioner. Leave your conditioner in overnight and rinse off the next morning. Your hair will feel immediately soft, healthy and shiny again. 

By following these tips your hair will be protected from the sun well and you will experience less damage than usual. But don’t forget to apply sunscreen to the parting of your scalp: your scalp skin needs to be protected too! Do you want to get to know more of Fiona’s summer haircare tips? Press here to read another blog. 

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