Time for a fresh new hairroutine!

Time for a fresh new hairroutine!

Hello 2023!

Out with the old and in with the new, let’s get ready for a fresh new start! 

The new year is always a great time to introduce new habits and goals and we want to start the year off right with a brand-new haircare routine! If you struggle with hair problems like scalp issues, hair loss, damaged hair, dry hair, or overly oily hair, know that a lot of these issues have to do with improper care.

Hair can totally elevate your look and make you feel confident. 

However, you might be thinking, where do I even start?

Choosing your products

First things first, choose your product of choice from our award-winning Fiona Franchimon Haircare. Not all hair care products are created equal, and investing in quality products can make a big difference to your hair. You can prevent damage, preserve color and recreate a professionally styled look. 

To help you along a little we have a hair guide for you that we suggest you do to create the most effective, unique hair routine for you! Click on the image for the link to our hair guide.  

5 steps to gorgeous hair

1. Distribute the shampoo over the head like you normally would. Then, we are going to continue with a short scalp massage. Start with the hands on top of the head from the hairline to the crown and make circular movements with your fingers. Make this movement 3 times from top to bottom and from bottom to top.
2. Following this step, start behind the ear and move your head slowly, and stroke to the center of the back and back again.

3. Place your hands together on the crown and make circular movements.

4. Repeat all these steps one more time and then finish with your fingers along the hairline, in the middle of the head lower the fingers towards the ears, and then behind the ears. 

5. Use one of the Fiona Franchimon conditioners and massage it from lengths to ends. The amount of your conditioner should be about the size of a 0,50€ coin. Afterward, leave it in for at least 30 seconds and rinse. 

Finally, dry the hair as much as you can with a towel without rubbing it roughly. Very gently press the moisture out of the hair. 

The first few steps of this hair routine are very important and often overlooked. Massaging the scalp stimulates blood circulation, which brings oxygen and hair-healthy nutrients to the hair follicles. This can encourage stronger hair growth and an increase in hair density If you find it difficult to find the right pressure we have created the Fiona Franchimon Massage Scalp Brush for the most high-end result. 

Everyone’s hair care routine is going to look different, but we’ve listed just a few important steps for your wash routine which will help your hair look and feel its best. If you’re looking for specific advice or tips for your hair type,take a look at our Hair Guide or ask for a personal consultation to find out which products work best for your hair type.


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