Do you suffer from low volume or an irritated scalp? Our Nº1 Hairpin is your solution!

Do you suffer from low volume or an irritated scalp? Our Nº1 Hairpin is your solution!

The Nº1 Hairpin is an elegant hairpin which is easy to use and you can create various luxurious hairstyles in no time. But besides that, the Nº1 Hairpin brings many more benefits. Curious about which one? We tell you more in this blog.

All the advantages of the Nº1 Hairpin at a glance:

  • The Nº1 hair pin is a perfect replacement for hair elastics: bacteria linger in rubber bands, which makes your hair greasy faster and it is simply unhealthy for your hair. Of course we don't want bacteria on our heads or through our hair. This makes the Nº1 Haarpin the perfect replacement. The hairpin is made of polymer so it does not carry bacteria. 
  • Your hair does not break off: when you use hair elastics, your hair breaks quickly. In addition, your hair often gets tangled and when you remove the elastic a lot of loose hair remains. This is obviously is not good for your hair, which makes the Nº1 Hairpin a good replacement. Because the Nº1 Hairpin is made of polymer, it is gentle on the hair and does not damage the hair.

  • You don't feel the Nº1 Hairpin: The curvy shape of the Nº1 Hairpin is designed to the shape of your scalp, which makes the hairpin very comfortable to wear. You can leave the hairpin in place all day without any discomfort. In addition, it ensures that the scalp is not affected or damaged.

  • The Nº1 Hairpin does not leave kinks: when you have a bun or ponytail,
    elastics often leave a kink or bump in your hair. Obviously you prefer to keep your hair and volume in shape, so that kink or bump is always annoying: but never again because with the Nº1 Hairpin that’s in the past!

  • The Nº1 Hairpin maintains volume all day long: the elegance is reflected in the volume that the hairpin brings out while creating a hair shape that perfectly compliments the face. And the fact is: every woman wants to keep her volume up.

  • You switch hair style in 30 seconds: the great thing about the Nº1 Hairpin is that you can change your hairstyle in an instant. Go from a Ponytail to a Top Knot to a French Twist in seconds. Styling your hair has never been easier.

In short: countless reasons to switch to the Nº1 Hairpin. Because let's be honest: what woman doesn't want a hairpin that doesn't damage your hair, is easy to use and allows you to change hair style within 30 seconds?

Stay tuned for multiple colors launching soon.

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