Terms of service

Article 1 – Identity of the company
Luxury Haircare B.V.
Het Rond 5B
3701HS Zeist
The Netherlands

Chamber of Commerce number: 62696157
VAT number NL854922398B01.

Article 2 – Applicability
These general terms and conditions apply to every transaction that has been concluded between company and consumer via the webshop www.fionafranchimon.com.

The text of these general terms and conditions is made available to the consumer for inspection before the agreement is concluded via this webshop. This text is also made available to the consumer electronically, so that it can be stored and printed. At the request of the consumer, these general terms and conditions can also be sent by e-mail or by post.

The provisions of these general terms and conditions can only be deviated from if this has been expressly agreed in writing and in which case the other provisions of these terms and conditions remain in full force.

If the consumer also refers to his general terms and conditions, these terms and conditions do not apply unless explicitly agreed to and stated in writing by Luxury Haircare B.V.

By using the website of Luxury Haircare B.V. and/or placing an order, the consumer accepts these General Terms and Conditions as well as all other rights and obligations as stated on the website.

Article 3 – The agreement
The agreement is concluded at the moment of payment of the offer by the consumer, with due observance of the provisions of paragraph 5 of this article.

The company confirms the payment of the consumer via the website and/or by e-mail. Until the moment of this confirmation of the acceptance by the company, the consumer can dissolve the agreement.

The company takes appropriate technical measures to ensure a safe web environment and a secure transfer of data and payments.

When the consumer purchases a product or service, the company makes the following information available digitally:

  • The contact details of the establishment of the company where the consumer can go with complaints;
  • Price including taxes;
  • Cost of delivery if applicable;
  • Delivery method

Within the limits of the law, the company can inform himself whether the consumer can meet his payment obligations or whether there are other facts that are important for a responsible conclusion of the agreement. If, on the basis of this investigation, the company has good reasons not to enter into the agreement, he is entitled to refuse the order or to attach special conditions to the execution.

Article 4 – The offer
If the offer has a limited period of validity or is subject to special conditions, this will be explicitly stated by the company.

The offer contains a description of the products and/or services offered, so that the consumer can assess them properly. If images are used, these are truthful images of the offer.

Errors or errors in the offer, where it can be immediately clear to a consumer that there is a mistake or error, are not binding on the company.

Article 5 – The price
All prices of products or services offered are prices including VAT. If there are packaging, shipping or other additional costs, these will be clearly stated in the offer.

The prices of the products and/or services offered are not changed during the transaction between company and consumer as a result of changes in VAT rates or other changes.

Special offers are only valid for the period of validity as stated in that offer. This listing is printed or posted on the internet site related to that special offer. These periods always correspond to each other.

Delivery costs are not included in the price. Luxury Haircare B.V. calculates the following shipping costs:

  • The Netherlands: €3,95. Free shipping on orders from €50 and up.
  • Belgium & Germany: €4,95. Free shipping on orders from €50 and up.
  • *Europe: €6,95. Free shipping on orders from €50 and up.
  • USA: $8,95 for standard shipping. $15,95 for Express shipping . Free shipping on orders from $50 and up.
  • Canada: €10,95. Free shipping on orders from €50 and up.
  • UK: £6,95. Free shipping from £50 and up.
  • The rest of the world: €24,95 Express shipping. Free shipping on orders from €150 and up.

    NOTE: express shipping qualifies for free shipping with orders above €150.

*Europe includes: Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom

Luxury Haircare B.V. may be required to levy certain statutory contributions on some of its products. Such contributions are not included in the price and are expressly stated on the website.

Article 6 – Payment
Unless otherwise agreed, the amounts owed by the consumer must be paid prior to delivery of the good.

Payment can be made with iDeal, Paypal, Apple Pay, GPay, SHOP Pay. Credit cards are accepted from VISA, MasterCard and American Express.

Article 7 – Right of withdrawal upon delivery of products
The consumer has up to and including fourteen days from the day of receipt of the product the option to dissolve the agreement, without stating reasons. This period expires 14 days after the day on which the consumer has received the goods. To exercise the right of withdrawal, the consumer must inform the company in writing by post or by e-mail to info@fionafranchimon.com.

If the consumer wishes to make use of the right of withdrawal, the product must still be in the original packaging, unopened and undamaged. The consumer will return the product with all accessories supplied and in its original condition and packaging to the company, in accordance with the reasonable and clear instructions indicated by the company. If done correctly the consumer will receive a refund within 14 days after receiving the return.

The consumer can also make use of this right of withdrawal if, after opening the product, it appears that the quality is unsatisfactory. The consumer will make these defects known to the company in writing or by e-mail no more than fourteen days after receipt of the product. The company will then contact the consumer to provide instructions for the return.

Article 8 – Costs in case of withdrawal
If the consumer makes use of the right of withdrawal, the maximum costs of return will be borne by the consumer.

In the event of withdrawal, the company will refund the purchase amount and the shipping costs of sending to the consumer. This happens no later than 14 days after the consumer has indicated in writing that he wishes to make use of the right of withdrawal and has returned the goods to the company unharmed and in original packaging.

If the consumer has paid shipping costs for the return shipment, these will only be refunded by the company if one or more products from the order have been damaged, incorrectly or otherwise incorrectly delivered. If the consumer returns the products for another reason, the shipping and all other costs for the return are for his own account.

Article 9 – Delivery, Delivery term and implementation
When receiving and executing orders for products, the company will take the greatest possible care.

All orders and delivery are based on "Delivered At Place (DAP)"

If delivery of an ordered product proves to be permanently impossible, the company will make every effort to compensate the consumer to the full satisfaction, either by making a replacement comparable item available or by repaying the amount paid. The consumer will be contacted in advance about this and mutual agreement will be reached.

Unless expressly agreed otherwise, the risk of loss and/or damage to products remains with the company until the moment of delivery to the consumer.

The address that the consumer has communicated to the company is the place of delivery.

Orders are shipped to the consumer as soon as possible, but in any case within 10 days. In principle, Luxury Haircare B.V. orders placed on a working day before 12:00 PM are shipped on the same day. All orders placed after 12 PM will be shipped the next business day. The stated shipping time is only an indication. After shipment, the consumer will receive a track & trace code by e-mail. If there is a delay in delivery, or if an order cannot or only partially be executed, the consumer will be notified of this no later than one week after he has placed the order. The maximum delivery time is 30 days unless otherwise agreed. If this delivery time is not feasible, the consumer will be informed in good time and the consumer has the option to dissolve the agreement or to agree on a new delivery time. Amounts already paid will be refunded to the consumer within 30 days in the event of such dissolution.

As soon as the products to be delivered have been delivered to the specified delivery address, the risk for these products passes to the consumer.

Article 10 – Warranty
A scheme offered by the company, manufacturer or importer as a guarantee can protect the rights and claims that the consumer has in respect of a shortcoming in the fulfillment of the obligations of the company towards the consumer on the basis of the law and/or the agreement. do not limit or set aside remotely.

Article 11 -Conformity
The company guarantees that the products and/or services comply with the agreement, the specifications stated in the offer, the reasonable requirements of usability and/or reliability and the legal provisions existing on the date of the conclusion of the agreement and /or government regulations.

Article 12 – Complaints procedure
The consumer has up to and including fourteen days from the day of receipt of the product the option to submit fully and clearly described complaints about the implementation of the agreement to the company.

The company will handle and answer complaints submitted as soon as possible, in any case within a period of 14 days from the date of receipt. If a complaint requires a foreseeable longer processing time, the company will answer within the period of 14 days with a notification of receipt and an indication when the consumer can expect a more detailed answer.

Article 13 – Additional or different provisions
Additional provisions or provisions that deviate from these general terms and conditions may not be to the detriment of the consumer and must be recorded in writing or in such a way that they can be viewed and stored by the consumer in an accessible manner.

Article 14 - Intellectual property
The consumer expressly acknowledges that all intellectual property rights of displayed information, communications or other expressions with regard to the products and/or with regard to the internet site are vested in Luxury Haircare B.V. , its suppliers or other entitled parties.

Intellectual property rights are understood to mean patent, copyright, trademark, drawing and model rights and/or other (intellectual property) rights.

The consumer is prohibited from making use, including making changes, of the intellectual property rights as described in this article, such as duplication, without the express prior written permission of Luxury Haircare BV, its suppliers or other entitled parties, unless it only concerns private use in relation to the product itself.

USA - Design Patent on all products
EU - Registered Design on all products
Rest of World - Design Patent on all products

Article 15 – Amendment of the general terms and conditions
Luxury Haircare B.V. reserves the right to change or supplement these terms and conditions from time to time. The consumer will be informed of these changes.

Article 16 – Applicable Law
Only Dutch law applies to agreements between the company and the consumer to which these general terms and conditions apply.

All disputes related to or arising from offers from Luxury Haircare B.V. or agreements concluded with Luxury Haircare B.V. be submitted to the competent court in Utrecht, unless the law expressly designates another court as competent.