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The ultimate experience starts when you walk through our doors. Our service and highly trained professionals will provide you with the relaxation, care and tailored style you need. We bring our international experience to our headquarters luxury salon in Zeist. Through our Fiona Franchimon Academy we have been training our team for more than 10 years with cutting, color and styling techniques developed by Fiona Franchimon. Ours is a timeless style, and it reveals every individual’s natural beauty.

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A Unique Experience

With Fiona’s methods we allow our stylists to enhance the individual beauty of every client, customizing the haircut according to the hair type and the characteristics of the individual person, rejecting standardization and conformity. We masterfully strip hairdressing back to emphasizing hair beauty in a more harmonious, respectful, natural and holistic way, supporting our clients daily home hair beauty routines.

In the Fiona Franchimon Professional academy our stylist receive internal training that lasts 4 to 5 years. The training is focused on the technical field to master the latest trends and innovations. A lot of time is also spent on communication. With this we strive for the highest achievable quality.

Our salon is distinguished by its timeless interior and tasteful furnishing, but above all by the sheer quality of the experience: one that is unique and consists of careful listening, calmness, discretion, and real care of the hair. Because the real luxury is the quality of the time we experience, having a way to enjoy what we do to the utmost.


We believe to really understand a clients hair needs and provide them with the best hairsalon experience, it is first and foremost of paramount importance that we get to know our clients and their hair before we start. New customers always receive a free cut and color advice, including an advice card to take home. With our consult we ensure that what we create is not only what the client wants but also suits their lifestyle and the reality of their everyday life. This includes not just the services but also the ideal products to ensure they can maintain their hairstyle and condition at home.


Our unique Fiona Franchimon methods allows our stylists to enhance the individual beauty of every client, customizing the haircut according to their hair type and the characteristics of the individual person, rejecting standardization and conformity. Our Fiona Franchimon stylists are experts in all types of hair cutting techniques. We focus on the lengths and lines of the hair to perfectly suit the shape of your face. We create a unique coupe especially created for each individual client.


As experts in colored haircare, Fiona Franchimon Professional understands the specific and special requirements of colored hair. We have been coloring hair for more than 20 years and with our luxury salon we have an in-depth understanding of the factors and issues that come with colored hair. We give advice about the color taking into account the quality of the hair, the structure, skintone and your own wishes. We also give advice for home so that the color remains optimal for as long as possible. We have always been fascinated by the magic of light. Which is where our color philosophy comes from: inspired by natural cues and focusing on taking the greatest care of the hair. In our salons we use only the best professional colors.


You never leave our salon without experiencing our styling. Our multi-award winning professional products are the result of our global presence, experiencing every type of hair issue, hair type and hair needs. When styling, we take into account the cut, the fall of your hair and what you do with your hair yourself. We give advice on how to best style your hair at home.

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We ask you to be present five minutes before the start of your appointment. In case of no cancellation "No Show" or cancellation within 24 hours before your appointment, we reserve the right to cancel 25% (for 1st time), 50% (for 2nd time) and 100% (for 3rd time) of the planned treatments. to charge. Please arrive on time for your appointment due to our next planned appointments. If there is not enough time to guarantee the quality of your treatment, your treatment will unfortunately not be able to continue. Do you have a delay or are you unexpectedly unable to travel? Please contact us by phone +31 (0)30 2658191.