Fiona Franchimon

Fiona was born near The Hague in The Netherlands. As a child she loved beauty & design and her family urged her to follow her passion and so at 13 she began her life journey in hairdressing. She is the 4rd generation in the fashion business.

With her great love and passion for hair Fiona has been working from an early age to be able to offer and develop more than the current hairdressing industry offers. In 2010 she started the Fiona Franchimon Professional Hairstyle salon in the centre of The Netherlands. A unique concept especially because she created many hair color and cutting techniques herself. Since opening her salon in Zeist her goal was to change the clients experience in the hair salon to a more luxury haute-couture journey. Offering every client a unique and bespoke experience, making sure her team and herself keep up with today’s highest standards. She passionately translates her need for innovation into her work, with every customer, with education and in every product she develops. Fiona traveled all over the world to understand every kind of hair to be able to create the most revolutionary hair cutting methods. Working in different countries she learned many new skills.

The Beauty Musthave hair tool the Nº 1 Hairpin is designed by Fiona in 2017 after more than 3 years of development. It has become a huge success. With this hair tool every woman around the globe can create a beautiful hairstyle in less than 1 minute. Fiona loves creating, being innovative and working with the best high end, natural, quality ingredients. The journey of Fiona Franchimon Haircare began in 2019 and was already an award winning Haircare line after 6 months. Among other things, Fiona advises about fashion and beauty in well-known magazines such as the Grazia, Elle Magazine, Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan and on television broadcasts.