Hair Spatique

Pure moment of happiness!

Fiona Franchimon launches a new and unique pampering concept in her renewed salon: the Hair Spatique, more beautiful and healthier hair in a pure moment of happiness. Awarded by Dutch beauty journalists from, Vrouw, Cosmopolitan, Women's Health, ELLE and with the 2nd prize at the Dutch Beauty Awards.

Dutch Beauty Award comment

“Lovely massages and real attention for skin, hair & mind. You really get up from the treatment chair fully charged. A wonderful moment of relaxation 2.0."


Hair Spatique treatment

The Hair Spatique is a treatment that consists of pure massage techniques of the scalp, neck, shoulders, hands and facial pressure points. A sincere moment for yourself. The scalp massage is central, this promotes blood circulation in the scalp, which ensures that your body comes into balance. The relaxing retreat lasts 30 minutes and includes 15 minutes of hairstyling as after care.

Unique and innovative scalp massage techniques
  1. Scalp problems: a dry, flaky or irritated scalp is massaged with an ironing movement. Your scalp comes to rest and this stimulates the hair follicle.
  2. Hair loss: a pressure point massage technique will relax the scalp and make it less tight. This will activate the hair follicle again.
  3. Hormonal stress: with smoothing movements we bring the circulation back into balance.
  4. Head & neck complaints: press techniques provide relief in combination with a wonderful scent journey from Aromatherapy. You imagine yourself in your own world for a moment.
  5. Relaxation moment: through good breathing and balance of skin, hair and body we get to complete relaxation.

Relaxation & Care
The senses are stimulated through different touches and pressure points from various massage techniques. These give the customer an experience of relaxation and care. After which they feel more energetic, beautiful and happier. The Hair Spatique treatment is given in a quiet enclosed space where dimmed light, soothing music and relaxing scent are coordinated for a relaxing and wonderful experience.
The moment you relax, you are in the present. Relaxation is going beyond time.


Separately or in combination

In combination
The Hair Spatique treatment can also be scheduled in combination with a haircut or color appointment. The Hair Spatique is for both women and men. At the Spatique, you keep your clothes on, but you still experience a luxurious spa experience. Combination Treatment of 30 minutes costs € 46,50.

Seperate treatment
The Hair Spatique Treatment can be booked separately and, for example, can be done as a cure to tackle a specific scalp problem. Separate treatment incl. styling of 45 minutes costs € 69,50.

Scalp and hair problem analysis - optional
15 min hair consultation: scalp and hair analysis with scalp camera. From this analysis, your Spatique specialist creates appropriate massage techniques for you. Analysis of 15 minutes costs € 23.50.

Fully catered
All treatments are concluded with aftercare, blow drying and styling the hair. We ask the customer to arrive 15 minutes in advance to de-stress with a fresh herbal tea.


To book an appointment please call +31 (0) 30 2658191 or book your appointment online via this link.