Combatting Counterfeit Products

Luxury Haircare B.V. is determined to combat counterfeit products and is committed to ensuring the authenticity and quality of its products. We invest significant resources and efforts to fight against counterfeit goods and to raise public awareness about the risks associated with purchasing such products.

We are dedicated to safeguarding our intellectual property rights, including copyrights, patents, trademarks, and other proprietary rights. This includes taking legal action against counterfeiters and collaborating with authorities.

Our strategy involves overseeing every stage of the production and distribution process, from creation to sale, to assure our customers that they are purchasing genuine products.

The Importance of Combating Counterfeit Products

Luxury Haircare B.V. acknowledges that the fight against counterfeit products is not only about protecting our brand but also about preserving our creativity, expertise, and product quality. Additionally, we aim to protect consumers from products that could be harmful to their health.

Our Actions Against Counterfeit Products

To counteract counterfeit products, Luxury Haircare B.V. takes legal measures and collaborates with relevant authorities at various levels. This includes addressing producers, wholesalers, retailers, and monitoring logistics, storage, and payments.

We adhere to the legislation in the countries where we operate and collaborate with law enforcement agencies to combat the sale of counterfeit products. This involves continuous legal action against counterfeiters and close cooperation with the police and customs.

Online Counterfeit Products

Luxury Haircare B.V. continually monitors online platforms to combat the sale of counterfeit products. We consistently work to address infringements on our brand rights and reduce the visibility of counterfeit products.

We emphasize that official Luxury Haircare B.V. products are exclusively sold through authorized channels. Customers should be wary of suspicious online offers and know that our Fiona Franchimon Haircare products and Nº1 HAIRPINS are not sold through unauthorized websites.

Identifying Genuine Products

Luxury Haircare B.V. cannot provide detailed information on how to identify our authentic products, beyond the information available at, to avoid aiding counterfeiters. However, in general, unusually low prices, dubious sales points, and quality defects may indicate possible counterfeit products.

Questions or Reporting Counterfeit Products

For inquiries or to report suspected counterfeit products, please contact our anti-counterfeit team at