Nº 1 HAIRPIN Solid Yellow Gold 18K - 1 Diamond Solitaire | Diamond Dream

The Fiona Franchimon № 1 HAIRPIN in solid yellow gold, with a Solitaire Diamond. One diamond of world class F-VVS diamonds. This Fiona Franchimon № 1 HAIRPIN is a real diamond dream for every woman. Choose between 3 sizes of Diamonds.

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Diamond Size

Golden Hair Jewelry

The 18k Jewellery collection started with one golden hairpin to promote our then newly launched № 1 HAIRPIN. But after many requests it was clear that we had to make an entire collection.

The 18k jewellery collection is carefully crafted by our goldsmith with utmost attention.

It is also possible to customize your own hairpin. Check out this page for the possibilities.